Doctors on the Most Annoying Things Patients Do

Doctors on the Most Annoying Things Patients Do

Doctors on the Most Annoying Things Patients Do. Going to the doctor sucks; that’s something we can all agree on. However, it isn’t all peaches and cream on the doctor’s end. Sometimes, we do some pretty annoying stuff. The only difference is that doctors don’t usually tell us what we’re doing wrong or what annoys them—at least, most don’t.

For example, doctors hate it when you don’t follow the rules of a procedure. If you’re not supposed to eat before a surgery, don’t eat before a surgery. It’s as easy as that. Still, every day, people go to get a procedure done, and they’ve eaten recently. Do you know what could happen if you eat before a surgery? Aspiration, which could lead to death. Yeah, let’s not do that!

We’ve compiled a list of things that we, as patients, do that really annoys doctors. That being said, we do want to mention that these things shouldn’t keep you from going to the doctor. If you’re experiencing a medical issue, going to the doctor is your first line of defense. If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, go to the nearest ER as soon as possible. Don’t let any of these things deter you from seeking help. That’s actually something that annoys doctors, too.

Everything here is pulled from Reddit and actual medical professionals. It’s just some stuff to keep in mind next time you make an appointment.

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